October Falcon News
Weather related dress
Kids dressed for fall

Believe it or not October is here and with it cooler temperatures. If the temperature is 55 degrees or below, according to accuweather at noon, students must have coats to wear. This will help keep them healthy and comfortable here at school.

The time for shorts is now over. Students may wear shorts in August, September, and May. In any of the other months the temperature needs to be 75 degrees or above according to accuweather at noon for students to wear shorts.

Parents, please monitor and reinforce the dress code at home. Thank you.

Parent teacher conferences
Parent Teacher meetings

To be held Tuesday, October 23 and Thursday October 25.

Did you know that parental involvement is a strong predictor of academic success? West Sioux wants you to attend conferences and be involved in your children’s school lives. This is an exciting opportunity for both you and the teacher!

Not sure what to ask your child's teacher? Here are a few ideas:

What do you see as my child's strengths? How is my child doing socially? In what areas does my child need improvement? What can I do at home to support what you're doing in the classroom?


What is PBIS? PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. This is our district-wide student management system to foster and support a positive school environment that enhances student learning through teaching and recognizing positive behavior. Check back for monthly updates on PBIS!